Need For Speed: TV5 Crew Tests Camden Toboggan Championship Chute 

The US National Toboggan Championship in Camden is only a week away.

The racing starts next Friday and goes through Sunday, February 9th.

It’s the 24th year for the event.

The first year about 70 teams participated. This year there will be more than 400, all trying for the fastest run down the 435-foot long chute.

Friday, Reporter Caitlin Burchill and Photographer Rodney Devost took a test run.

“It’s one of a kind. It’s the only one like it in the state of Maine. Only one like it in the United States,” said Chute Master Stuart Young.

“It is everything from intense competition to just getting on a sled and having a good time. It’s partying. It’s cookout on the ice. It’s kid sledding. Ice stating. You name it. You can go skiing if you want to. It’s just a great place to be for the wintertime.,” said Chairman of the US National Toboggan Championship Committee Chairman Holly Edwards.

For more details about the national competition, you visit: US National Toboggan Championship.