Who do you credit for the drop in unemployment in Maine and Nationally?

Updated 12 months ago

Democrats 48% (214 Votes)
Republicans 52% (235 Votes)

  • Tabetha Young

    It is quite clear the drop is unemployment is NOT a reflection of jobs created because in reality there have not been that many created. In fact there have been reported business lay-offs and closing in the news within the last year. Washington County has not seen any real job creation, in fact the Governor does not even recognize this County. This County has the highest unemployment rate and against what the Governor believes – it is NOT a County of “lazy bums” that do not want to work. The real reason it looks like unemployment is down is because people are no longer able to receive benefits, and are not counted in this measurement/statistic. If these people were still counted the unemployment rate was be true – but this is a legal way of falsify numbers to come out they way one wants.
    I believe the Governor needs to make businesses as well as the unemployed responsible for employment. The Governor needs to do away with the USELESS Career Centers and created employment agencies where the unemployed reports to an employment agency and is handed a job referral and has 24-hours to make contact with the perspective employer and the unemployment office follow up – this will make both parties accountable. Some employers will, instead of hiring, have a current employee do the work and report to MDOL that they created a job and get governmental funds for doing this.