11-year-old Boy Accused of Sexually Abusing Student Not at Harrington School

Catherine Pegram

Updated 12 months ago

The organizer of a parent protest in Harrington this week says an 11-year-old boy accused of molesting an 8-year-old boy is no longer at Harrington Elementary School.

We’re told the school district is still providing him an education.

SAD 37 Superintendent Ronald Ramsay says he can’t comment on the status of the student, who’s charged with gross sexual assault.

Parents say the abuse took place at a birthday party last fall.

Dozens of parents marched on the Superintendent’s office this week, wondering why the 11-year-old hadn’t been removed from the school.

Ramsay told them since it didn’t happen at school, or at a school-sanctioned event, his hands were tied.

He says the district plans to review policies on sexual misconduct, bullying and harrassment.

The parents of the 8-year-old have enrolled him and his younger sister in private school.

  • Mike Haynes

    This is a knee jerk reaction, that child has every right to be at that school. These so call “concerned” parents need a “due process” re-education.

  • jellybean

    Very Sad to see this kid harassed and called names by pare..well everyone in the district…esp. when it wasnt even anything to do with the school .To involve the news and get it ALL OVER like this I think was a huge mistake. It was done very loudly and publicly..I imagine what he must have felt seeing the news that night..let alone in school…Hope everyone is happy now….most everyone anyway. My heart breaks for all involved…saying you want the best for him….What? by smearing and bullying him in front of the whole state?? Nice….Im sure this “throw-away child” just confirmed that adults..are all alike. Good Job..Yay You!! I really dont know..I wasnt there..just hate seeing pain purposely inflicted on children…Hope it works out for all involved..the kids especially cuz ..the “adults” really dont matter to me!