Healthcare Advocates Use Videos To Urge Lawmakers To Expand MaineCare 

Healthcare advocates made another pitch for expanding MaineCare coverage to about 70,000 more Mainers.

The Maine People’s Alliance released four videos featuring Mainers who have lost their coverage but would regain it if lawmakers vote to expand MaineCare.

Rally organizers tell us the people in the videos have tried to get coverage on the new healthcare exchange but either don’t qualify for the subsidies, or face deductibles they can’t afford.

“I’m afraid that if anything happens I could lose my farm and all that I’ve worked for. As you can see from these videos there are people like me all over Maine. People who work hard to get by but have no option for healthcare coverage without MaineCare,” said Gayle MacLean, a farmer from Gray.

The bill that would expand MaineCare is expected to be passed by lawmakers but vetoed by the governor.

Folks at the rally today are hoping to convince enough Republican lawmakers to override the veto.

Links to the videos released Thursday are below: