UMaine Student, Glass Explorer 

Google Glass, a technology not yet on store shelves is in the hands of U Maine Sophomore, David Grant.

“I try and show what the daily life and experiences are, well that I have, here at the University of Maine through glass,” Grant says.

David couldn’t believe it when he was invited by Google to test the new technology.

“There was no way a kid from Downeast Maine was going to be chosen to be a Google Glass Explorer,” he said.

U Maine put up the 1600 dollars for the glasses-like gadget, and now David documents life.

“I caught a photo of them raising their sticks at us and it was a fan in the front of the student section that was giving them the heart symbol with their hands and I thought that was really cool.”
“He walked up to me and just stares right into the camera and I snapped a photo of it.”

Standup: “at first glass might remind you a little bit of Star Trek, but it’s actually a lot lighter than my smart phone. David says he could see Glass being the way of the future.”

“Technology is definitely going more toward the convenience area…I absolutely see the cell phone not becoming as big a deal as it is now.”

With Glass David can check the weather, get directions, and call mom, but he says wearing Glass sometimes makes others nervous.

“There are some people who think that I am constantly taking photos of them without their consent, which is not true.”

On the issue of ethics and privacy,

“I can record video I can take photos I can Google things… That’s not necessarily invading anyone’s privacy anymore than if I had my cell phone up by my face.”

From David’s perspective, (take Google Glass video) literally, the device has sharpened his senses.

“It has made me keener to my surroundings for sure…”

But he says it’s not overbearing.

“It’s like your rear view mirror in your car. It’s there if you want to look at it, but if you don’t want to it’s out of the way,” David explains.

David sends Google regular feedback on what’s working and what needs to be tweaked. There’s no date when Glass will hit store shelves, but techies think it could be sometime this year.