Downtown Bangor Tells A Story, One Page At A Time 

For the next few weeks, Downtown Bangor is telling a story.

The Bangor Public Library and The Children’s Museum have joined together to create a story walk.

“We’ve got a list of businesses, so as you walk through our beautiful downtown you can read a page in each one of the participating businesses windows,” said Lisa Frazell, the Director of Marketing for the Bangor Public Library.

Over 25 businesses downtown have pages from the two childhood favorites.

From the library to the museum readers can enjoy “The Mitten”, and “Caps For Sale” can be read on the way back.

Frazell said, “Early literacy is very, very important and we want to show kids that it’s fun to be involved in books, its fun to read these, get involved and plus it brings more attention to our beautiful downtown area and the businesses that are blossoming”

The walk kicked off this Saturday, and will be available until February 22nd.

“So at your leisure, they’re posted in the windows facing out through downtown. So first thing in the morning, middle of the day, middle of the night, whenever works well.”

While organizers say the walk is also beneficial to the downtown businesses, children and reading, is really what it’s all about.

Shane Layman a librarian at the Bangor Public Library said, “The most important thing I think is spreading the importance of literacy in children but coming with that is obviously the joy of it and how much they love to read the stories.”

Reader Shannon Murphey explained, “I like how it’s like, it seems like real life to me when I read it, and I feel like I’m in the book.”