Kidnapping Charges Dropped Against Two Men in Chelsea Case

Catherine Pegram

Updated 1 year ago


Two men accused of holding a man from Chelsea against his will had kidnapping charges against them dropped, after the victim couldn’t be found.

19-year-old Ricardo Perry of Pennsylvania and 20-year-old Eugene Charleston of New York pleaded guilty, instead, to criminal restraint.

Kennebec County District Attorney Maeghan Maloney prosecutors couldn’t track down the victim, again.

Police got a call from the man in July saying two people were holding him against his will and might have weapons.

Police say witnesses reported seeing Ricardo and Charleston leaving a home in Chelsea with chairs covered in duct tape and rope.

Photos: Ricardo Perry, Eugene Charleston

Perry, Ricardo 7-19-13 Charleston, Eugene 7-19-13
  • CannansHarvest

    They should be concerned about why they can’t find this person all of a sudden to testify! He conveniently came up missing right before trial, like maybe someone didn’t want him to testify against them perhaps. I don’t know just saying……I mean have they located him yet or are they even continuing to look for him in case of foul play?