Brownville Gearing up for Annual Dog Sled Races 

More than a hundred four-legged racers will be running over the frozen tundra of the junction this weekend.

“They’re really friendly dogs and they aren’t protective and just love to get out and run.”

So does Joan Chapman. For 30 years now, she’s been mushing with her husband. They went to one race and were hooked.

“I’ve always wanted more than one dog, so this was it.”

Snow will be flying behind her home when racers, including her team, take to the trails for the fifth annual Brownville-K-I and Beyond Sled Dog Race and Dog Days of Winter.

“The toughest part of this race is coming back and going by my trail and going back into town again because the dogs think they’re coming home.”

Many who call Brownville home may be just as excited for the races, even though they’ll just be watching.

Many the event is great for winter socializing and with over 500 people expected to turn out for the event, it’s one of the biggest money-making days of the year for the junction.

“It is what brings in the business. It’s what keeps us going during the winter, as does all the sporting events throughout the summer and fall, and hunting, so it’s big. We depend on tourism a lot,” said Johnson, owner of the Brownville General Store and More.

“It’s a good break from winter, and of course, people get to get up close with the dogs and watch the handlers hooking them up,” said Rodney Washburn, a 64-year resident.

Just being around this handler, it’s easy to see Chapman may have sledding running in her her veins just as much as her pups.

When asked if Chapman expects to be mushing here for the rest of her life, “Oh, I hope I die out there. (laughs) I’m 71, so I’ll probably be one of the oldest ones there, but I hope to keep going for a lot longer.”

The racing begins at 10 saturday morning.

Free events are happening all day, including turkey bowling and human mushing.

For more information, call the town office 965-2561, or click here.