UMaine Prof Writes Book on Sex Lives of College Students 

A University of Maine professor has taken 20 years of research about the sexual behavior of college students and put it all in one book.

Dr. Sandra Caron is the author of “The Sex Lives of College Students: Two Decades of Attitudes and Behaviors”.

Caron teaches family studies and human sexuality.

She gathered data for the book through student surveys.

Caron says the perception that college kids are having sex indiscriminately, with a lot of people, doesn’t hold up.

She says students reported an average of three to four partners and sometimes went months without having sex.

Caron says, “The survey was designed to provide a glimpse into the sex lives of college students, their attitudes, and their behaviors, as well as trends over time. I think the results serve as a reality check in terms of what’s happening in college students’ lives.”

Caron used 100-question surveys to gather the data and says nearly 5,000 students took part.

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