Penobscot Job Corps Remembers Fallen Soldiers, Former Students 

Penobscot Job Corps Center in Bangor has renamed one of its dorms, “Veterans Hall.”

The center held a ceremony Tuesday, not only to honor students and staff who have served our country, but to remember two fallen soldiers who were former students.

Caitlin Burchill reports.

Army Specialist Jason Dore died at the age of 25. He was killed in action in Iraq in 2007.

“Well it’s been nearly seven years, in July it will be seven years. And the support has been nonstop. It is tremendous,” said his mother, Gail Dore.

Jason Dore was a former welding student at Penobscot Job Corps Center.

Tuesday, the school remembered him, as well as former culinary student, Army Specialist Christopher Wilson, who was killed in action in 2007 in Afghanistan.

Job Corps staff shared stories of the two, and the impact they made on campus.

“Any of you in the audience that are still students, Jason made a difference in his own life and he made a difference in a lot of people’s life,” said Eunice Johnson, former PJCC Center Director.

Congressman Mike Michaud also spoke.

“This dedication serves as a both a celebration as well as a somber reminder of the sacrifices of our military and what they have gone through…To be here, meet Jason Dore’s mom and to listen to some of the stories about her son is just amazing,” said Michaud.

“I’m proud. I couldn’t be a more proud parent of my son and all the veterans that wear a uniform everyday. Jason believed in what he was doing. He wrote me in boot camp and said mom, I’m where I need to be. Where I’m meant to be. Where I’m going to be. It was his niche in life. He was happy doing it and I’m proud to back it up,” said Dore.

So, what would he have thought of the dedication of the newly named Veterans Hall?

“This is all about me?, he would say. He would be very honored,” his mother said.

His mother hopes current students will have the same experience at Penobscot Job Corps as her son did.

“Jason learned here that his choices had consequences and he learned to be a better person her. He made people better people being here and if they give themselves a chance and believe like all these signs (referring to PJCC signs on ceiling), they can do it too,” she said

“Jason Dore and Christopher Wilson you are not forgotten and you will be members of Penobscot Job Corps for the rest of your life,” said a PJCC staff member at the closing of the ceremony.