Waterville Celebrates Life Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

The life of Martin Luther King Jr. was celebrated all across the state Monday. That includes Waterville.

For the 24th year, the Waterville Rotary Club celebrated the life of dr. martin luther king jr at their annual breakfast.

“Despite his early death we have a lot of great material from him. he was bold. he was driven. he was loving. and as they say around here, he was wicked smart,” keynote speaker Kurt Nelson. Nelson is the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life at Colby College.

It was a morning of music from the and fellowship as kurt nelson the dean of spiritual and religious life at colby college delivered the keynote speech, quoting from a man whose words still, decades later, still cause him to become overcome with emotion.

This group of third graders from the George Mitchell School captivated the crowd as they shared their dreams 50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared his on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

For the folks here, the day was about celebrating the life of a man whose words are as poignant now as they were a half-century ago.