Drivers get the Green Light for Medway Ice Drag Races 

For more than four decades, a snowmobile club in Medway has been providing a place for family fun.

Overcoming obstacles provided by Mother Nature is something they’re used to.

It was looking like prime conditions for drag racers to hit the track.

“Oh, it looked great. It’s been really the first year we’ve had snow in December, like we had, and the real cold weather really made it perfect conditions for building a track and getting everything ready to go,” said Brian Willey, president of the East Branch Sno-Rovers.

Warmer weather and rain melted a layer on most of the 660 foot track.

Thankfully, it happened just before the sleds hit the ice for the 4th annual Northeast Winter Nationals.

Willey says they have the right formula to remove it and smooth it out with their Zamboni before the sleds hit the track.

“It’s a science. ¬†We’ve got some challenges, but this club works its best when they have a challenge, no question about it.”

Having members like Camille Deschane seem to make it easy.

They say no matter what, it’s a green light for the upcoming races.

“We’ve got some exciting runs that are going to be on this track. We’ve had runs up into the 140 mile an hour runs in a little over four and a half seconds,” said Willey.

Like everything around here, making it happen is a team effort.

“This club has worked hard right I from the ladies in kitchen to the track crew to registration and everything else that’s had to be done here at the club to get things ready to go,” said Willey.

For more information on the race, click here.