Man On Stand 20 Years After Alleged Crime 

A Nebraska man defended himself in court today, more than 20 years after his alleged crime.

65-year-old Clarence Cote  is charged with two counts of gross sexual assault in the summer of 1990 in Lincoln, Maine.

The victim, now 31 years old, claims Cote, who’s also her relative, assaulted her when she was 8 years old.

She told the jury today she did not remember the exact time and date of the assaults, but she spent time at Cote’s home next door, and had her own bedroom there.

The victim also questioned whether or not Cote was her father.

On the stand Cote denied the charges and said he and his accuser had a good relationship and she contacted him several times after he left Maine.

The defense says they’re concerned about the length of time it took the State to bring the case forward.

“We’re troubled by how long this took. We had filed a motion to dismiss several months ago because we were very concerned that it took the state 20 something years to charge Mr. Cote with these events and in the meantime, the state lost a vital piece of evidence,” said Defense Attorney, Steve Smith.

“There were some occasions back in the mid 90’s when there could have been a more aggressive investigation and prosecution of this matter. Mr. Cote was out of state and I think to that extent, they couldn’t find him and it didn’t go further,” said Deputy District Attorney, Michael Roberts.

The jury is expected to begin deliberations tomorrow.