Local Musicians Come to Aid of Animal Refuge 

For 31 years, the Samsara Exotic Animal Refuge has been giving abandoned or abused animals a second chance, but we’re not talking dogs and cats.

“You can’t take your goat and drop it off on the door of the Bangor Humane Society,” said Keri Stark, who helps run the refuge.

Samsara will take any animal that a conventional shelter won’t, including horses.

“If someone brought an elephant tomorrow, we’d learn how to take care of it and we’d provide a place for it,” said Stark.

They also provide emergency shelter for pets.

“If someone has their house burn down or a medical emergency, we will provide a place for your animal to stay,” said Stark.

All free of charge.

The refuge runs mostly on small donations…they even have a bottle collection out front…but money is tight.

Enter local musician Randy Blevins.

“We were out here in the summer just to visit, and you could see the need. You look around out here and you can see the projects that are started that they haven’t had the money to finish,” said Blevins.

So he decided to put together a benefit concert in Old Town.

“And I thought, well why can’t we do something for these people, so I made a few contacts and the ball started rolling and the next thing I know, I got bands calling me saying they’d like to take part in it,” said Blevins.

The concert will be held this weekend, and will feature nine local bands.

“We have everything from rock bands to country bands to oldies bands. It’s a real wide variety. There’ll be something for everyone,” said Blevins.

All proceeds go directly to the refuge.

“My hope is it’s gonna give them a new lifeblood,” said Blevins.

“It is a very big deal. We are overwhelmed by what these people are doing,” said Stark.