Maine DOT Releases Three Year Work Plan 

In November, voters approved $100 million in borrowing to strengthen Maine’s infrastructure. Tuesday afternoon, the Maine Department of Transportation announced how that money will be spent.

Maine DOT Commissioner David Barnhardt was joined by some of his workers and Governor LePage to roll out their work plan for the next three years.

The plan earmarks $68 million for 73 miles of road reconstruction, 54 bridges will also be worked on in the next three years which is a 190-million-dollar investment.

Governor LePage says the plan will keep more than 25,000 people working over the next three years.

“Very critical as we come out of this so-called jobless recovery. And it’s been a very difficult recovery. But I think that by paying the hospitals and releasing the bonds that had been passed in prior years with the November bonds that we are doing our part to keep people working in the state of Maine,” LePage said.

You’ll find the complete work plan at: