Firefighters from 7 Towns Fight Exeter Blaze 

Fire crews from seven towns were on the scene of a fire in Exeter tonight.

The fire broke out at a former creamery on Cider Hill Road around six this evening.

Firefighters arrived on the scene to find the building fully involved with flames shooting out of the windows.

Crews from Corinna, Dexter, Corinth, Newport, St Albans and Garland were called in to help fight the blaze.

The structure is a total loss.

“This was an old creamery that we had years ago in the town of Exeter. There was no power to it. The gentleman that owns it, Mr. Levitt, was in there working. He had a wood stove going today and we believe that the fire started either from the chimney fire or from the wood stove,” said Corinna Fire Chief Alan Clark.

After extinguishing the flames, firefighters remained on scene for several hours putting out hot spots.

Fire officials say the rain and mud hampered efforts to fight the fire…foggy conditions slowed crews in getting to the scene.