Soldier Surprises Mom in Bangor 

Ice was a problem for many Mainers Saturday, but the freezing rain and dangerous roads didn’t keep one son and Air Force member from surprising his mother.

Our TV5 Photojournalist was there to capture a very special moment.

After more than a year of being away from home, Jason Seavy, a US Air Force member and maine native paid a surprise visit to his mom in Bangor.

“Nobody knew I was coming I just walked in and said hey mom what can I do can I get you some drinks? And the reaction was priceless,” Jason said.

“He come up behind me and it just like totally took me by surprise it blew me away,” said Mom, Gayle Harriman.

Mom Gayle Harriman literally couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Took me a second to figure out what I was seeing and im just like oh my gosh i can’t believe it that’s not real,” she said.

Seavy is stationed in Germany and says the time difference is tough.

“Usually I’m trying to go to bed and she’s trying to FaceTime me at midnight and I just want to sleep and she just wants to talk,” he said.

While Harriman misses her son, she’s happy he’s following his dreams.

“Oh I’m so proud of him and he’ll definitely go places,” mom said.

Seavy says there’s really no place like home.

“As much as I love being on the other side of the world as much as I love everything that I do for the people that I love and my country this is where my home is this is where my family and my friends are and it’s probably the most important thing to me in my life,” he said.