Ice Causes Major Problems Saturday 

As our readers probably experienced, the state woke up in a blanket of ice this morning.
Icy roads and sidewalks made driving and walking treacherous.

Bangor Police say they dealt with close to 100 issues on roadways today including accidents and vehicles stuck on ice. They say fortunately there were no serious injuries.

State Police tell us this was the busiest day of the winter season so far for weather related issues. Troopers say they responded to 65 separate incidents, mostly cars that slipped off the road. They also had no reports of injuries.

“Part of the problem is there are parts of the road that are still icy and it’s a little unpredictable there are parts of the road that are clear there are parts that are still icy and so we tell people to drive as if the whole road is icy because we don’t know which parts are and which parts aren’t,” says Trooper Michael Johnston with State Police.

Police recommend that drivers keep their speed below the flashing speed displayed on interstate signs.