Dog Found in Madison After Being Lost for Nine Days 

Dempsey’s story begins when he and his family traveled from Maryland for Christmas in North Anson.

On December 28th, when his owner left her mother’s home for a Christmas party, one-year-old Dempsey took off.

Christine Pierce lives nearby and saw a post on Facebook about a lost dog.

“It came across my page and I thought, that’s sad, so close to home,” said Pierce.

An animal-lover, mother, and Boxer owner herself, she decided to help.

“I thought, well, why can’t I find him? You know he’s only a mile away, why wouldn’t I be able to?”

Days passed, and Dempsey’s family had to return home to Maryland, but many people in town kept looking.

It was on day nine that Pierce had a feeling she just couldn’t shake after hearing the night before that someone had hit a Boxer in the area.

“I just had a feeling. I really thought I would find him if I went out for ten minutes.”

“I said, you can’t go out, the roads are terrible. I got to, she says, if nobody finds him now you know who knows how much longer he’ll be ok,” said her mother, Maddie.

Pierce found Dempsey curled up in a warehouse.

“It’s like, when you see something shocking, or surprising, and you just kinda go blank for a second, it was like that, and then, oh my goodness, you’re really right there.”

She picked up Dempsey and brought him here to the Madison Animal Hospital.

“I was actually just getting back from lunch, so I was back here at one o’clock, and I was just getting out of my truck out back, and they were actually calling to me from the door to come up STAT, because we had an emergency case,” said Darren Richards.

Dempsey was malnourished, having seizures, in hypothermic shock, and had a broken leg.

“I think he was probably within an hour or two of dying.”

Dempsey is expected to make a full recovery, thanks to the efforts of the community, and the kind heart and heroics of this young mother.

“I’m her mother, so I think she’s a hero anyway, but she wouldn’t consider it that. I think she did what she needed to do, she was following her heart, which is what she usually does,” said Maddie Pierce.

“He’s a miracle,” said vet tech, Anne DeWitt.

Dempsey’s owner is expected to take him home soon.

The Madison Animal Hospital is accepting donations for Dempsey’s medical costs.

You can stop by or call 696-5200.