WNSX Sponsers Ellsworth Christmas Shopping Do Over

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Many are still feeling the affects of last month’s ice storm.

Including businesses that lost power at a crucial time.

Merchants in Ellsworth are trying to make up for it.

“Downtown Ellsworth has a lot of very unique businesses. It’s a very vibrant downtown area, some really great restaurants, great shops and unique products you’re just not going to find off Main Street,” said WSNX General Sales Manager Race Ashlyn.

Generally, many merchants on Main Street not only thrive during the holiday season, but they rely on it.

“Normally, we have about two weeks, maybe three weeks of really good sales. It didn’t happen,” said Jess  Morsehouse, owner of The Sand Castle.

That’s because many lost power due to the ice storm.

“When something so disastrous happens as this right before Christmas and during Christmas it hurts everybody,” said Leon Harrington, owner of the Riverside Cafe.

“It was devastating because we had to close the Sunday before the Sunday before Xmas because there was a storm,” said George Elias, the owner of Rooster Brother.

George Elias has owned Rooster Brother for 26 years and says this was the worst holiday shopping season he’s ever seen.

“It can take an up year and turn it into a down year. Most retail businesses do 25% of their annual sales at Christmas time,” said

Realizing so many businesses were hit hard by the storm, WNSX came up with an idea.

“We decided to do a Christmas Do Over,” said Ashlyn.

They’re asking shoppers to come back out and do it again.

“The inspiration came from George at Rooster Brother who dedicated his advertising campaign right after the holiday to talking about how the downtown businesses were affected and encouraging people to come downtown and shop local,” said Ashlyn.

Shops up and down Main Street will be offering discounts and sales.  They hope to generate awareness to the hit local businesses took and how important that support is to their community.

WNSX will be broadcasting live on Saturday from 11 to 1 at the Riverside Café.  They invite you to stop by.

You can get updates on the event on their Facebook page.


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  • Angela Hansen

    well George unfortunately we or you are not in control of many things, and weather is one.But God is in control and he does work in mysterious ways! “having to close the Sunday before the Sunday before”Xmas ” as u put it may be a subtle message! The Sunday before the Sunday before ” Christmas ” is the reason for the Season.JESUS CHRIST is the reason not the profit margin! We all need to open our eye’s and heart’s and heed the sign’s!