Gay Bangor Couple Talks about First Year of Legal Marriage 

More than 1500 same-sex couples have gotten married here in Maine over the past year.

Starting at midnight on December 29th, 2012 gay couples lined up to be among the first to secure marriage licenses.

Many of those couples had been together for decades.

Including Hope Rogers and Margret Bagg who were together for 13 years before they married.

“People who know us have been, you know, saying for years, that right from the start we bickered like an old married couple,” said Bagg.

Up until a year ago, being a married couple is something Rogers and Bragg never believed would become a reality.

“It’s easier to explain to people now. We just say, ‘we’re married,'” said Bagg.

Karen Foley was the first person on the Bangor City Hall Steps on December 29th, 20-12. The first day gay marriage was recognized in the state of Maine. She volunteered to marry Rogers and Bragg.

The legalization of gay marriage and the ability to marry gay couples is something that has special meaning for her. It means one day her daughter will have the same rights.

“We had a lot of rough years when she was in high school. She came out, she went back in, she came out again, a lot of rough years, and we got through it and she’s a wonderful, amazing adult woman now,” said Foley.

The first year of marriage for this couple has not only been marked with happiness, but also with rights to sharing things like health benefits.

“We’ve always loved each other and we’ve always felt like we’re married, but to have this piece of paper, to be recognized, to have the support and love from pekoe, the congratulations, you know, it does mean a lot. You know it feels like you’re apart of something now, you know, you’re not just going through the motions, or wishing that you have it, you have it now, and it’s like the best gift of all,” said Rogers.