Cruiser Hit When Trooper Stops at Crash Scene

Updated 1 year ago

A tractor trailer struck a state police cruiser and another car on the interstate this morning.

It happened in the southbound lane, between Medway and Lincoln.

Trooper Adam Bell had stopped at the scene of a one car crash.

Police say the driver of a tractor trailer lost control, striking that vehicle in the median, then the trooper’s car.

No one was injured.

Police say the truck driver has been summonsed for imprudent speed for traveling too fast for the road conditions.

  • bangorperson

    Good thing that no one is hurt. But it seems like police cars this winter are getting wreaked atleast 2 or 3 a week.

  • Helperdognme

    These trucks need to slow the heck down in inclement weather. Lucky for them no one was injured or killed. I have on many occasions seen tractor trailers traveling at unbelievably fast speeds in Blizzard/white out conditions. How do they even see the cars lower down actually driving at speeds much more appropriate? If we can’t see them coming, how the heck can they ever see where we are??

  • Thomas Hall

    although this driver was in the wrong .i would like to point out that most cars on the road dont give a dam for truckers . if everybody had to follow the same rules as truckers i would bet there would be less collisions with truckers.

    • boww8t

      Funny you say that as most of the trucks don’t follow the same rules that others vehicles have to follow,,, like the speed limit and the distance when following a car in front of them :-/

  • Adam

    i got a feeling the trooper pulled over fast or was dancing in traffic! i was coming down 95 with firewood 2 years ago when a trooper pulled over fast and jumped out of his car, i ended up with a smashed back window, broken side window and a ticket (which was thrown out when he got his “im a moron” suspension) still had to pay 750 in glass repairs and lose a day of work to play in court