Burst Water Pipe Floods and Closes Bangor Shop 

A business in Downtown Bangor closed unexpectedly on Saturday after a water pipe burst.

The Rock and Art Shop on Central Street closed early in the morning just after opening.

Owners say a water pipe on the second floor of the building burst and flooded the store on the first floor.

Bangor Fire Department says water pipes bursting is common when they start to thaw out after freezing.

Tony Sohns, co-owner of the store said, “This is going to be a problem the next few days as more pipes are bursting. Homeowners and businesses should probably get ready or check their pipes so that they don’t end up having to clean a mess up like this.”

“We do anticipate when it warms up, because that’s when they break is when they thaw, when pipes start thawing out that’s when we’ll probably get a few more of these pipe breakages,” said Darrell Cyr, Assistant Fire Chief.

Family and friends of the Rock and Art Shop spent all day Saturday cleaning up the store and salvaging merchandise.

You can check their Facebook page for updates on when they will re-open.