Judge Postpones Manslaughter Plea Date for Coon 

David Coon of Bangor was in court today to plead guilty to manslaughter in the death of his live-in girlfriend.

Last May, 49-year-old Sherry Clifford died of asphyxiation and neck compression at the couple’s apartment on Jefferson Street, that according to the medical examiner.

As the prosecution presented the account of that night, a very emotional Coon, 50, disagreed with the claim that he put his hands over Clifford’s mouth and throat.

That point of contention led the judge to decide not to ask Coon to officially enter a plea, and the postponement of a decision on whether to accept that plea.

“Well that was kind of a mutual decision of both myself and Ms. Perkins who represent Mr. Coon and the state’s attorney and the judge,” said Coon’s Attorney Jeff Silverstein.

A new plea hearing will be held at a later date, which has not yet been scheduled.

Coon’s attorney says alcohol was a problem for both Coon and Clifford, but that Coon never meant to kill his girlfriend.