Fire Destroys Trailer in Bangor

Updated 1 year ago

A fire in Pray’s Mobile Home Park off Finson Road in Bangor has left one family without a home.

Authorities says that a mother got her two young children and dog out safely.

They say the trailer is most likely a total loss and that the owner has been having issues with the furnace which probably caused the fire.

We’re told that when the owner called when flames were coming from the furnace.

Bangor Assistant Fire Chief Tom Higgins says the extremely cold weather didn’t help crews that were fighting that fire.

“We did have the snow load with the metal roof that’s over this, the heat made it warm up, so that the heavy snow load with all the ice come crashing down on to one of the crews, and knocked a couple of our firefighters to the ground. One had a bloody nose, but he seems to be up and going,” said Higgins.

The Glenburn Fire Department brought additional water to the scene.

A friend of the owner says they’ll be staying with family.

  • peter

    Could Morgan work on her grammar and writing skills? ” the ice COME crashing down”.

    • Justin Russell

      She was quoting someone. Can you work on your reading comprehension?

      • peter

        I stand corrected. Thank you, Justin. Enjoy the cold weather. We just landed in Mexico. Had to get out of Maine for a few weeks. We will be thinking of you as we sit on the beach tomorrow. Happy New year to you and your family. Peter

  • Carissa Whaatt

    so sad. glad they made it out safe. Glad the pooch got out safe, too!

  • T H

    Did the lady own the trailer? Or just rent it out.? Eithier way I am glad that nobody got badly hurt! Hope that the mother had tenats or owners insurance.