2013 Brought Big Changes in Bangor 

One of the biggest changes for Bangor in 2013 was bittersweet for many. The demolition of the Bangor Auditorium and the completion of the Cross Insurance Center.

“The Cross Center has been a big change. I was in it for the first time in November. It was kind of sad to see the old place go, but I think this is going to be wonderful,” said Arlene Soade, who lives in Bangor.

What many think has been a significant change in the area is the thriving commerce.

“The shops are really nice. I’m looking forward to them developing them more. I did all my Christmas shopping downtown. I mean, it’s nice to park and walk and get my shopping done in two hours,” said Terri Elder, a Hampden resident.

“Open for businesses” in Bangor is something the city council would like to see more of in 2014.

“Certainly, in downtown, you see new business opening, and others. Still some vacant store fronts, so we’ve still got work to do, but things are definitely moving in the right direction,” said Ben Sprague, Bangor City Council Chair.

Draws to the region, like the Waterfront Concert Series, are things that seem to be making this area a destination for many.

“For a long time there was a perception as Bangor being a sort of end of the line but it’s not at all the case anymore and we’ve really had the some great growth and hopefully we can keep that going in 2014,” said Sprague.