Propane Customers Advised To Conserve In Wake Of Shortage 

Bad news for people using propane to stay warm this winter. According to the Governor’s Energy Office, Maine’s propane supply is down 25%.

Some folks have told us they’ve been hit with skyrocketing prices when they buy propane and others say their dealers are only filling their tanks halfway due to the shortage.

Most of Maine’s propane is now coming in by rail and that line was slowed after the derailment and explosion the Canadian town of Lac Megantic last year. Lisa Smith, a Senior Planner with the Governor’s Energy Office is advising folks to conserve their propane use.

“Try to conserve. Don’t let your tank run low to where you’re almost out because if the dealer that you currently get your propane from happens to be short that day or the next day or they’re delayed in getting a shipment then you could be in trouble. Either check your tank frequently and make sure that it doesn’t go real low. Try to conserve as best you can,” Smith said.

Updates on the propane situation will be posted on the Governor’s Energy Office website

Governor LePage has signed a second emergency proclamation, waiving federal restrictions and extending the hours of service for heating fuel transport and delivery trucks in Maine for another two weeks.

“The recent ice and snow storms have hampered efforts for oil delivery trucks to deliver fuel, which is one reason this declaration is being extended,” Governor LePage said. “The declaration allows heating fuel to be delivered to Maine families when they need it most. Keeping homes warm is critical to protect the public health and safety of Mainers.”