Rollover Accident in Bangor Sends Driver to Hospital

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 4 months ago

A woman was taken to the hospital after a rollover accident in Bangor Tuesday morning.

State police say the driver was turning south bound onto the interstate from the 182 on-ramp when her car hit the side of a snow bank and flipped over.

Police say she suffered minor injuries.

With the winter weather conditions lately, authorities say this isn’t the first accident like this they’ve seen.

“Most of these accidents we’re seeing out here are attributed to two things. Too fast for the conditions or traveling too closely to the person in front of you. This one happens to be I believe traveling too fast for the conditions. The roadways like I said are fairly clear, but still have some ice and snow on them. If you just slow down, take your time, you’re going to get where you are going safely,” said State Police Trooper Tucker Bonnevie.

Traffic was slowed while crews removed the car. They had trouble doing so with the snow and ice.

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    Who was driving the car? And are they alright?