Top WABI Web Stories for 2013 

2013 is a momentous year for TV5. We’ve been celebrating 60 years in the television business.

A lot has changed since 1953. There was no “world wide web” back then. Now, many of you log onto our website for the latest breaking news.

Joy Hollowell takes a look back at the top 10 most clicked on stories on this year.

A young mother choosing to feed her baby with goat’s milk formula starts our top 10 list for most viewed stories in 2013. Alorah Gellerson nearly lost her three month old son to foster care after a doctor reported the Brooklin woman to the Department of Health and Human Services. The story generated enough attention to hold a rally in Bangor one month later.

Two missing and then found hunters come in ninth. 33-year-old Travis Hafford and 33-year-old Ryan Stevens of Millinocket set out on a hunting trip the day after Thanksgiving. Their truck got stuck after trying to pass through a flooded road. They were found safe two days later.

A car crash in Bucksport that killed 15-year old Taylor Darveau was the 8th most viewed story this year. A 16-year old classmate of Darveau’s was driving when the car went off the road and hit a tree.

The teenager’s family created Taylor Tags to alert others on the road when a new driver is in the car.

News of a convicted sex offender moving into an Augusta neighborhood comes in 7th on our list. 44-year-old Lorne Sherwood was convicted in 1997 of kidnapping, raping and nearly beating to death a 14-year-old girl in Biddeford.

Even though Sherwood’s on the state sex offender registry for life, police said his case didn’t meet the requirements for living more than 750 feet from places where children visit.

A Waterville woman accused of kidnapping her two children and leaving the state was the 6th most clicked story on

Police say Beth-Marie Retamozzo abducted her 7-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son in august. The two kids were in the legal custody of their grandmother.

The mother was arrested in South Carolina. The kids were safe.

Beginning our top five, a fight at Bangor High School caught on tape. We’re told another student shot the video of one girl attacking another. It was posted on Facebook.

Bangor High School says disciplinary action was taken against both girls involved in the fight, as well as the person who recorded it.

A horrible scene at Bangor’s Fourth of July parade was the fourth most viewed story on our website. 63-year-old Wallace Fenlason of Holden was killed when he was run over by an antique fire truck.

The truck was behind Fenlason, who was driving an antique tractor.

Faulty brakes are blamed for the accident.

A fatal crash on I-95 near Lincoln is third on the list. It happened in August.

19-year-old Tyler Anderson from Van Buren was driving five of his relatives back home from Rhode Island.

Police say Anderson became distracted during a conversation with a passenger.

The car rolled several times. Anderson was partially ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead on scene.

The five other passengers had non-life threatening injuries..

Our second most clicked on story happened just a few weeks ago. State police put out a wanted alert for 42-year old Jason Trickett.

Officers believe he stole a Jeep, a loaded gun and several hundred dollars from a home in Machiasport

In September, Trickett was found *not* guilty in the stabbing death of a Bangor man.

Trickett was arrested in Bangor after an alert citizen recognized the Jeep from news reports.

The murder of 15-year old Nichole Cable is the most watched story on our website this year, garnering close to 41,000 views.

The Glenburn teen was reported missing in May.

After more than a week of searching, her body was found in Old Town.

20-year-old Kyle Dube is accused of kidnapping and killing the Old Town High School student.