Animals Saved After Surry Barn Roof Collapses 

A close call today for animals in a barn in Surry.

Heavy snow and ice caused the roof to cave in.

Caitlin Burchill reports.

The morning was just like any other at a farm on Meadow Brook Lane in Surry until…

“I went out to feed the horses and I noticed that the door was frozen, I thought. Well I tried opening it and it wouldn’t open and I heard a noise and it sounded like cracking and I looked up and the whole roof was caving in the middle,” said Lori Spurling, a resident at the farm.

While she says she is petrified of horses, her immediate reaction…

“Was to get the horses out. All the animals throughout. I thought the whole thing was going to fall right on then. The least I could do was get hurt trying to get them out,” said Spurling.

The Sheriff’s department and fire department responded to the scene.

“I ended up getting one horse halfway out. And then they helped open up the other door and we got him out and their two horses and six chickens and a kitten and we got them all outside,” said Spurling.

“I was really lucky originally. We have four horses, but these two were the only ones staying here right now. So that would have been extra difficult,” said Johmiqua Clark, who had horses in the barn.

“The fire department was very very fast. I really appreciate it. We have surrounding neighbors that are absolutely wonderful,” said Spurling.

And what’s next for the animals?

“We just got to figure out something before my mother has the horses shacking up inside with me,” said Spurling.

The farm owners are looking for a place to house the horses.

If you can help, call 664-7082.