Linemen Talk About Missing Home and Kindness from Mainers

Morgan Sturdivant

Updated 4 months ago

When it comes to being a lineman, it isn’t any easy job, but thankfully, there is someone to do it.

“My family understands, this is what I do, for a living, as most guys, so, I’ll see them when I get home. They want Daddy back home. I said just give him a dew more days and I’ll be there,” said Trinidad Alamo, a foreman from Connecticut.

While they may be just doing their jobs, punching the time clock meant missing Christmas and time with their families.

Many say their co-workers are like their families away from home.  A lot of them say that while there is shortage of power, there isn’t a shortage of kindness.

“This is the third storm I’ve been in up here and everyone’s always been very nice, hospitable. They give us cookies, coffee, they always beep, and wave, and tell us how much they appreciate us,” said Alamo.

“People here are amazing. I’m like, really surprised. Everyone comes out, and offers us cookies, something to eat. People here are really nice,” said Jimmy Jusino, from Connecticut.