Fair & Cold Friday 

From the WABI-TV5 & CW Forecast Center:

As the storm departs to our northeast seasonably cold air will return to Maine along with partial sunshine Friday. Saturday will be fair and a bit milder as high pressure slips east towards the Mid-Atlantic Coastline. A storm sliding east across southeastern Canada Saturday night will drag a cold front across Maine later at night into early Sunday morning. Colder air will begin to seep back into the Pine Tree State from north to south Sunday, with highs in a wide range as southern regions climb above freezing while northernmost Maine holds in the teens.

A new storm developing over the Southeastern States later Saturday will then move up the Eastern Seaboard later Sunday into early Monday. The exact track of this new storm will determine how much precipitation we receive across our region later Sunday into early Monday and whether it falls as rain, snow or a mix. As the storm departs up into the Canadian Maritimes a bitterly cold airmass will move into New England for the last day of 2013 and the first few days of 2014.

Friday: Partly sunny, with high temps in the 20s to near 30.


Saturday: Partly sunny, with mountain snow showers and high temps in the mid to upper 20s north and mid 30s south.


Sunday: Mostly cloudy, with late day snow and mixed precipitation likely and high temps in the upper teens north to mid 30s south.


Monday: Partly to mostly cloudy, with early snow possible and high temps in the 20s.


Tuesday: Partly sunny, blustery and very cold, with high temps in the single digits to mid teens.


Wednesday: Partly cloudy, breezy and frigid, with high temps near zero north to single numbers south.


Chris Ewing

WABI-TV5 & CW Meteorologist