Bangor Hydro Crews Pulled in Surry After Customer Threat

Catherine Pegram

Updated 4 months ago



Frustrations over lost power boiled over in Surry Thursday when a customer threatened workers and Bangor Hydro officials pulled crews from the area.

Bangor Hydro spokesperson Susan Faloon says the crews who were working on a power line were moved after one customer called in saying he may kill someone.

She says the crews were approached by the customer initially and he later made a threatening phone call to Bangor Hydro once he got word that the circuit they were working on wouldn’t restore his power.

State Police has investigated the call and say they are not filing any charges.

Faloon says, “We do understand that it was out of frustration and we just really have to let people know that we’re taking any and all harassing phone calls and or threats very seriously. So unfortunately, we had to pull a crew from that area and until this is resolved we won’t be able to send a crew back to that area because we don’t want to put our crews in danger like that.”

Crews are back restoring power in the area.

Bangor Hydro asks that if you do have questions about your restoration time, do not approach the workers.

They say there are serious safety issues and it takes the crews away from their work.

If you have questions, call the customer service line at 947-2414 or (800) 499-6600.


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  • vstar1300

    Really? These guys and gals are out there in miserable weather under dangerous circumstances. I understand and sympathize with frustrated customers, but how STUPID it is to threaten the people who are only trying to remedy the situation. Our sense of entitlement as individuals has eclipsed any sense of community or gratitude…

  • bigkid1950

    Well, that’s one way to turn the rest of the folks on that section of the power lines into a community lynch mob. Smooth move!
    Yes, don’t files charges, just be sure he’s that LAST to be reconnected. (This time and every time)

  • Softballumpire

    he or she only made it worst.

  • chrisg1234

    bangor hydro sucks! cmp is more but at least they have power!