Latest Bangor Hydro & CMP Outage Numbers

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 1 year ago

Bangor Hydro says they have crews and support staff from Bangor Hydro, Maine Public Service, and external crews from as far away as New Jersey working to restore power after this recent ice storm. As of 4pm Wednesday, they say more than 12,000 customers remain without power. Bangor Hydro said Tuesday that they expect some customers may be out  of power  in to the weekend.

Below is a list of outages by county as of 4pm Wednesday:

 Estimated Number of Meters Affected: 15223
Aroostook: 0
Hancock: 9056
Northern Penobscot/Piscataquis County:8

Penobscot: 5151







Central Maine Power Company (CMP) says they have increased their storm recovery workforce to 1,800 in its efforts to repair damage from the recent ice storm. As of 5:20pm Wednesday, they say an estimated 40,000 accounts remain without power. CMP says they hope to reduce the number of outages to less than 30,000 customers Wednesday, and that the “vast majority of customers will have their power restored by late Thursday night, although the restoration may stretch into Friday for some customers in rural or inaccessible areas.”

Below is a list of outages by county as of 5:20pm Wednesday:

County Total Customers
by County
Customers Without Power
ANDROSCOGGIN 54,270 1,182
CUMBERLAND 154,957 5
FRANKLIN 22,545 49
HANCOCK 5,986 2,831
KENNEBEC 69,124 21,179
KNOX 24,882 610
LINCOLN 26,441 3,538
OXFORD 39,420 9
PENOBSCOT 13,420 20
SAGADAHOC 20,531 1,565
SOMERSET 29,116 38
WALDO 23,760 9,454
YORK 115,068 1


  • Timh3

    Maybe its time for the state to start giving out generators to people in remote areas.

    • LeftFeather

      What happened to “Personal Responsibility”, Tim?
      That’s a preposterous idea.
      Those people, like so many others, should’ve planned ahead.
      Why is it everyone else’s responsibility to pay for those that don’t plan ahead? Most especially in a state where power outages are common in the winter.

      • lam1982

        I definitely don’t think they should hand out generators, but power outages aren’t common in the winter either.

        • LeftFeather

          I guess it’s more common than you may think.. Although, I’m sure I see it more because I’m a lineman for a utility company :)

        • Timh3

          Huh? I live downeast and we have power outages all the time.

      • Timh3

        Well, they give out laptops top the kids and our liberal legislators want to give people everything else, so why not generators to people with low incomes.

        • LeftFeather

          So, I’m guessing you’re being facetious..

          I work with technology all day long, but nothing beats a good ole book :)

          I’m also a programmer as well… Even though I write software,I still rely on books for reference.

          I think kids these days are too reliant on technology, which in turn, degrades their problem solving abilities and ability to form common sense solutions. Weird… I sound like an “old man” at 30… lol

          • LeftFeather

            Typing this on a cell phone was quite challenging lol.