Bangor Hydro Gives Helpful Tips for Upcoming Storm 

Officials from Bangor Hydro say they’re ready for what could be an ice storm.

This week, company leaders spoke with representatives from the state’s emergency management agency, National Weather Service, as well as municipal leaders.

They don’t expect this one to be as bad as the infamous “Ice Storm of 98”, but do want people to be prepared.

Bob Potts, Communications Specialists for Bangor Hydro said, “In the conference call yesterday that I took part in with Maine Emergency Management there was a lot of talk about how does this relate to the ice storm of ’98 and thankfully they are telling us that it shouldn’t be anywhere near as bad, hopefully nowhere near as bad, but yeah, we certainly did learn a lot of lessons through that.”

Bangor Hydro officials suggest having a charged cell phone, in case you lose power, non-perishable food, any medication you may need, and a flashlight with working batteries.

If you have a generator, make sure to keep it outside your home while its running.

To report an outage in your area call Bangor Hydro at 973-2020.