Update: Pedestrian Killed Saturday Was Trapped Under Moving Car

Terry Stackhouse

Updated 1 year ago

Police in Bangor are releasing new information about a car accident that left one pedestrian dead Saturday night.

Officers were called to the parking lot of Hannaford Supermarket just before 8 pm.

Police say they found a dead body underneath a car, near the entrance of the store.

Officials tell us they later determined that the person was struck by the car somewhere along Vermont Avenue and was trapped underneath it, while the car continued to Union Street.

“The vehicle came to a rest in the parking lot of the Hannaford on Union Street which is where the driver of the vehicle realized that there was a person beneath the vehicle,” said Bangor Police Detective David Bushey.

Bushey says the driver was unaware that the person was trapped underneath the car until they reached Hannaford.

No charges are expected to be filed against the driver.

The case is being handled by the Bangor Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division.

He continued to say police have, “a pretty good understanding of what happened,” and expect to release more information soon.



  • Local_Gal_fromBangor

    You might want to rethink the headline.

    • Mandi O

      Why? Was it not an accident?

      • April

        Original headline was “Bangor Car vs Pedestrian Kills One”

  • T H

    How is it not a crime? And how did the driver not know that they hit someone and the person was trapped under their car?

  • Dorinda F

    This is sickening. The poor person. Imagine your thoughts and panic while you are dragging and dying under a car going over all that ice and snow. It make me sick. No Charges? Are they going to determine this No Death?

    • Justice Gustin


      • Dorinda F

        Yeah and at the same time some guy is doing 20 years for growing some weed. SMH.

  • pame51

    what??? dragged from Vermont… No charges.. there was no bump nothing..Must’ve been a homeless person so no one cares… I respect Bangor police but this is wrong..

  • Pedestrian Error

    If you can run over a person and drag them half a mile and not realize it, you have no business driving a car. This is ridiculous. We have to stop accepting vehicular killings as the cost of doing business and hold drivers accountable for only using their vehicles safely.

    • Commutah

      Amen. How can someone hit another person and not know it? Away with his or her license!

  • snoman

    NO surprise maybe ped’s will wake up and realize just cause there is a crosswalk
    they cant jump in front of a vehicle, use the light

    • Justice Gustin

      That’ll teach ‘em, huh? Oh brother…