Trial on Hold for Bangor Woman Accused of Killing Husband 


The trial of a Bangor woman accused of murdering her husband two and a half years ago is on hold until after the holidays.

50-year-old Roxanne Jeskey has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Her lawyers say a decision hasn’t been made yet on whether Jeskey will take the stand.

The prosecution rested its case Thursday after a DNA specialist talked about bloodied clothing found in the couple’s apartment.

A registered nurse who treated Jeskey at the hospital the morning after the incident also testified about the bruises on Jeskey’s hands, her mental state, and the medication she was taking.

One of Jeskey’s lawyers, Joe Baldacci, says self defense could be an argument in this case.

“The fact that she has bruises that had been documented all over her body, front and back. We entered the diagram that was done by the nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital yesterday. The photographs, there’s 23 photographs, that were taken of her at the hospital that have bruises all over her body. Some bleeding in some places.”

Baldacci says they have a long process to go through with Jeskey to determine if she’s able testify.

The case will pick up again January 6th.

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