Light Snow, Mix and Rain Today, Icy Sunday Ahead 

From the TV 5 Forecast Center:


A stationary front draped across the state will remain over the area through the weekend setting us up for some messy weather through Sunday. The stationary front is dividing the colder air to the north and milder air to our south which will play a major factor in our forecast this weekend with regard to precipitation types.


Low pressure is forecast to ride along the front today. The front is actually forecast to move a bit further northward across the state, allowing some slightly milder air to move into the state. Today’s highs will top in the 30s to near 40° in many locations. That said, precipitation for much of the area south of Greenville and Millinocket should fall as some freezing rain and/or rain while areas northward see snow and some mix possible. Precipitation will become steadier later in the day as another, more significant storm heads towards New England.


The stationary front will be set up along or just south of the Maine coastline tonight into Sunday which will allow some colder air at the surface to filter southward into the area, complicating matters even more. The setup will have warmer air moving into the mid-levels of the atmosphere with colder air at the surface, setting the stage for a significant icing event. The main area of low pressure is forecast to move towards New England on Sunday then pass just south of Maine Sunday night. Steadier, heavier precipitation ahead of the storm is forecast to move into Maine tonight and could be heavy at times. Precipitation types will vary from north to south across the state. Precipitation will fall as snow with some sleet and freezing rain possibly mixing in for areas from Greenville to Millinocket northward where accumulations are expected to range from 4”-8” by later Sunday night. There will be some 6″-12″ spots over far northern locations too. We’ll see sleet and freezing rain falling over areas south of Greenville and Millinocket south to Bangor and this large area is where we could see up to 1″ of ice accumulation. Areas closer to the coast and over far southern Maine will likely see some freezing rain changing to rain as the day progresses. Any change in the placement of the stationary front either further north or further south will make a big difference in precipitation types so stay tuned to future forecasts.


Today: mostly cloudy. Scattered snow showers mainly north of Greenville and Millinocket, mixed precipitation and rain possible elsewhere. Precipitation will become steadier late in the day. Highs between 28°-39°. Light and variable wind.


Sunday: periods of freezing rain changing to rain along the coast, freezing rain and sleet inland from Bangor north to just south of Greenville and Millinocket, Greenville to Millinocket northward will see snow with some sleet and possibly freezing rain mixing in. Highs between 25°-40°. Northeast wind 5-15 MPH.


Monday: variably cloudy. Scattered snow showers. Highs between 30°-40°.


Tuesday: mix of sun and clouds. Colder with highs in the teens to around 20°.


Christmas Day: mostly sunny with highs in the mid-single numbers to mid-teens.




Todd Simcox


WABI TV 5 & The CW