Bangor Business Gives Back to Homeless Shelter and Manna 

Feeding people at the Bangor Homeless Shelter is not easy. With government funding accounting for less than half of the yearly operating costs, Executive Director Dennis Marble says putting together a special Christmas dinner is even harder.

“We are not able to do a lot of things, including put a meal like this together, without private support. It’s absolutely that simple, and that true,” said Marble.

They got support from a relatively new company. Pulse Marketing Agency is spreading some Christmas cheer in their fourth year of business.

“This year we grew a little bit, so we had some extra funds, so we had extra funds that we wanted to give back to the community,” said Cintia Miranda, President of Pulse Marketing Agency.

Marble says those in attendance will be filled with gratitude.

“These folks naturally know what it means to have good, hot food, and know how to say thank you. And, so, we need to do that too, so our thanks to Pulse Marketing and the team,” said Marble.

Their next stop… Manna Ministries. They brought food to contribute to the Christmas celebration there. Executive Director Bill Rae says it’s an incredible feeling to see new faces donating.

“We keep thinking that, you know the old group that’s been giving for years is going to get tired and stop. Now, we have a new group. Let’s educate them, and bring them up, because, maybe they’re the new group that’s going to be help this community, and that’s what’s so exciting,” said Rae.

“It’s an amazing feeling because I am an immigrant, and lots of people helped me, and my family, when we first came to this country, so, to be able to be in the position today to go out and help others, is an amazing feeling,” said Miranda.

Everyone is invited to the Bangor Homeless Shelter’s Christmas meal, and to Manna Ministries Christmas celebration. ┬áThat will be held at 11 am at Bangor Parks and Recreation.