Jeskey Trial: Day 4 

Testimony continued on Thursday in the trial of a Bangor woman accused of murdering her husband two and a half years ago.

Roxanne Jeskey has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in connection with the death of Richard Jeskey.

On Thursday, a DNA specialist took the stand to discuss her conclusions from various clothing evidence.

Both Roxanne and Richard Jeskey’s DNA were found in blood stains.

However, the specialist told the defense and prosecution that she could not determine when the stain took place, how much blood was there or how it got there.

The registered nurse who treated Roxanne Jeskey at St. Joseph Healthcare the morning after the incident also took the stand.

She discussed bruises on Jeskey’s hands, her mental state at the time of the observation and the medication she was on.

Jeskey chose to have a judge, not a jury, hear her case.