Busiest Week For Shipping 

Twas the week before Christmas and all through Bangor, people are waiting to send their presents.

“It’s uh organized mayhem…this is the biggest week for Christmas shipping,” says Rick Martson, UPS Store Owner.

“Well I’ve been told they’re supposed to get there on the 24th and if they’re late it’s going to be a very sad thing,” says Marueen O’Malley, from Bucksport.

Maureen O’Malley is sending these presents to her grandson in San Diego.

“If he doesn’t get these presents it will be a sad day.”

UPSĀ and the Post Office in Bangor have had a steady stream and lengthy line of customers all week.

“We try to keep it staffed as fully as possible including during lunches to make sure that our busiest times people are moving through the line,” says Gene Paradis, Bangor Post Office.

UPS will send four times the normal number of packages this week. And Post Office sales will spike.

“About 2-3 times more revenue the course of a day than we do during the rest of the year,” says Paradis.

This time of year at the U-P-S Store, employees become packaging pros.

“A lot of us have uh done it enough so that sometimes we can just eyeball what we have,” says Martson.

Of course every shipper has the same wish.

“They’re hoping that they’ll be able to get it there in time,” he says.

And unfortunately, if snow rolls in.

“Everything else is determined by weather. An act of God takes away a guarantee,” Martson says.