First Winter Storm of Season Hits Maine 

The first major snowstorm of the season is here.

The white stuff began falling overnight and people around the region woke up to a blanket of snow.

Plow crews have been out in full force all day.

“It depends what town you’re in but I think they’ve plowed the interstates pretty well and I’m sure some of these back roads around here are not so friendly to vehicles,” said State Trooper Adam Gould of Troop E in Orono.

Gould says issues come when drivers travel too fast.

“You’ve got to slow down and be aware of all the vehicles around you,” said Gould. ” That’s the biggest safety concern–people don’t realize it takes a lot to stop in snow.”

As the snowfall got heavier, traffic has been light. Looks like people are heeding the advice, and staying home.

Police say there were a few major accidents, but most involved cars just going off the road.

Most of the traffic we saw Sunday were snow plow operators.

“It’s steady work-this is a good storm for it. Gonna be busy. Gonna be real busy,” said Tim Norsworthy of Bangor.

Brisk business for plow drivers and relatively smooth shoveling for everyone else.

“You can walk out here with shovels and go for hours because it’s so light and fluffy,” said Norsworthy. “You can push it and it goes right with you.”

Maybe a bit TOO fluffy for optimal sledding-but no one’s complaining.

“The snow isn’t quite wet enough to really pack down, but it’s certainly enough to go fast,” said Paige of Bangor, who was getting some afternoon sledding in. “My face is cold but my hands are warm. I’ve got hand warmers,” she said.

And if you’re planning on heading out this evening, Trooper Gould says-don’t.

“Stay home and stay warm,” said Gould.

Bangor has instated a parking ban from 11PM Sunday to 7AM Monday.

Augusta’s parking ban has been in effect all day Sunday, and that will last until 7AM tomorrow.