Troy Man Building Boats for Nearly Three Decades 

Greg Rossel has been building boats in the same place behind his house for nearly 30 years.

He uses mostly Maine wood to craft the vessels in his solar-powered shop.

Rossel says boats have always been a part of his life.

He was born on Staten Island, New York. He says where he lived was known for oystering and boat building.

“Of course the old boat yards were behind the house. That’s how I developed my interest in boats.”

He moved to Troy in the 70’s, eventually finding a program in Washington County that peaked his interest.

“I heard about the state boat building program and after farming and driving a school bus, that boat building seemed really lucrative and a better deal.”

It’s a deal he was wise to take, considering how ling he’s been doing it.

Rossel even designs his boats with a pencil. He uses a lofting method.

“It’s drawing the plans to full size so you can end up with a boat shop Sistine Chapel.”

He’s been teaching boat building for almost as long as he been building them.

He’s taught around the world and yearly at the Wooden Boat School in Brooklin.

And, he’s about to begin his fourth year teaching Searsport High School students.

He says the boat building industry in Maine is one that many might be surprised to know keeps growing, and one that is appreciated around the country.

“There’s so many skilled people who know the trade and Maine’s reputation in the boat building industry is very, very bright.”

For his future is boat carpentry….

“I’m just gonna keep on doing it myself.”