$13K Grant Helps Machias Restore Station 1898 

Machias’ old train station is taking the town into the future.

15:27:44 “It represents hope and forward thinking. The building has sat here for a long time,” says Sharon Mack, Chamber of Commerce Director.

Thanks to a grant from the Historic Preservation of the Maine Community Foundation, Machias has $13,000  to restore Station 1898.

“The efforts started back in ’95 and it has been slow. We’ve made some progress with the roof and foundation, but this moves us further down the line,” says Chris Loughlin, Town Manager.

The money will go to paint the station its original red and to build a new baggage platform.

“This was the focal point of the downtown and it’s really important to keep that focus in town,” says Loughlin.

Chamber of Commerce Director, Sharon Mack, says restoring Station 1898 to its original glory will bring new life to the town.

“A rising tide lifts all boats. So every time one small step forward is taken in Machias, it benefits everyone in Machias,” says Mack.

The town continues to raise funds for the project and hopes to complete it within three years. The new train station will house the Chamber of Commerce and be a stop for visitors and tourists.