First Bangor Kiwanis Disbands After 90 Years 

After 90 years of serving the community, especially children, the original Bangor Kiwanis Club is disbanding for lack of active members.

“It’s been quite an institution for the city of Bangor,” said current and last president, Rick Marston.

Longtime club members reminisced over the club’s stronger days. At its height it had 105 active members.

“Enjoyed what we were doing. We were more a part of the community then than I feel that we are now or have been. It was quite an honor,” said Cecil Wilson, the longest living member of the Kiwanis Club.

Jane Newberry Wilson joined the first year women were allowed, 1987.

“They were really looking for more people to volunteer to help keep the club going,” she said.

The Bangor Kiwanians also served internationally.

“Every village in the world had iodine in the salt,” 

Before they go they’re donating to Camp Capella, a charity the club has supported for many years.

“Tonight we are presenting two checks to camp Capella in the name of two members that have passed away in the past.”

The club is also making sure the organizations it supports will be taken care of in the future by other Kiwanis Clubs in the area.

“5,500 for the bangor key club and 5,500 for the John Bapst key club”

These Kiwanians all plan to join one of the other Kiwanis Clubs in the area. And they hope the Bangor Kiwanis Club will live on as a 501 C (3) charity.

While the original Bangor Kiwanis Club, known a the noontime Kiwanis will be no more, there are still several Kiwanis Clubs in the area.