Eight People From Hancock County Arrested in Drug Bust 

Eight people from Hancock County were rounded up in a drug bust connected with a two-year long police investigation.

Michael Clark, 28, of Bucksport is charged with aggravated drug trafficking.  Brandie Higgins, 39, of Bucksport and Ellsworth, Joel Allen, 26, or Orland and Wendy Cassidy, 31, of Bucksport are charged with dealing oxycodone.

clark higgins allen cassidy

Michael Clark, Brandie Higgins, Joel Allen, Wendy Cassidy


Brothers David Maguire, 29,  and Nicholas Maguire, 24, of Stockton Springs, and David Vaughn of Ellsworth, 27, are also accused of dealing oxycodone.

maguire maguire vaughn

David Maguire, Nicholas Maguire, David Vaughn


Christopher Newcomb, 38, of Bucksport is charged with possession of the drug.

Newcomb, Christopher 12-11-13

Christopher Newcomb

Police raided several locations and say they seized more than $40,000 worth of oxycodone and more than $35,000 dollars in cash.