Bangor Police Warn of Scams

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 1 year ago

Bangor Police have a warning Wednesday about two scams.

They say the BDN ran an ad in their pets section for “free” Yorkie puppies.

The company asks you to send money to get the dogs shipped.

Police say the deal is bogus. The newspaper has since pulled the ad.

They also want to warn you about an out-of state caller claiming to work for Bangor Hydro’s collections agency.

The caller says your business has unpaid bills and needs to pay up or the electricity will be cut off.

Police say Bangor Hydro doesn’t use phone calls to collect money, so don’t give the caller checking or credit card information.

  • weedog

    that free yorkie ad has shown up on facebook, and craigslist..hopefully people know better..NO ONE gives away a $600-$1000 dog away.

    • Marie

      just said the same thing to my husband