Local Acupuncture Clinic Part of National Movement 

It’s an ancient Chinese practice that some people swear by.

“To me it’s as essential as healthy nourishing food,” says Rebecca Savage Conway, Acupuncture Patient.

DownEast Community Acupuncture in Verona Island is part of a nationwide co-op bringing the needle centered tradition back to its East Asian roots.

“In china you come for frequent treatments and that’s how you make a difference,” says Marie Arnberg, Acupuncturist.

The community acupuncture movement is growing across the country, now it’s more accessible in Maine. Patients at the clinic in Verona Island pay between 15 and 35 dollars, whatever they can afford.

The co-op of about 200 clinics in North America, with 4 in Maine, aims to take acupuncture out of western medicine.

“It was a very clinical setting with harsh fluorescent lights in a flat table it wasn’t comfortable,” said Rebecca Savage Conway.

Melissa Jameson, like many, was skeptical about starting acupuncture.

“I hadn’t been introduced to anything like that before,” Melissa Jameson, Acupuncture Patient.

Practitioners say it ends physical and emotional pain.

“Anxiety, insomnia, depression,” said Arnberg.

And the price makes it possible.

“It’s nice to know that if I don’t have that little bit extra that I┬ácan still come and pay a lower fee,”said Jameson.