Finance is Fun: Practicing Charity 

In this Finance is Fun, Marion Syversen joined Caitlin Burchill on TV5 News at Noon to talk about practicing charity.


Why – Why practice charity? Why give? From compassion. Imagining the difficulty that others feel and wanting to alleviate their suffering if only temporarily. At times of festivities, family gatherings, abundance and sharing we look at the meagerness of another’s cupboard. Why practice compassion? Because at this time of religious celebration we remember that true love sacrifices for others.

How – You want to give but don’t know how. Please don’t think that your $5 gift is too small to help. And know that any amount, be it small or large, is a blessing to you and to the organization. It is many hands that make light work. So everyone’s participation helps.

For whom – If you attend a weekly religious meeting you could speak to your rabbi or pastor asking who in your congregation would benefit from your gift. You could check the principal at the school your children attend and ask what family or child could use your generosity. You could contact local food pantries, shelters even local libraries, or other non-profits that would benefit from your thoughtful donation. You can always check with the Better Business Bureau for the rating of any charity with which you are unfamiliar.

If you have enough for yourselves, consider giving. Even if your holiday is meager, you may have something to share. In your compassion, remember others.


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