PCSS Students Partake in Career Courses 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

It’s a question high school students in Guilford are now trying to answer.

Today, they got some help from area professionals, including our own Joy Hollowell and photographer Kenn Tompkins.

“Last year, we had gone out and talked to the kids about- if you could learn anything you wanted to learn at school, what would you like to learn?” explains Elaine Bartley, Director of Instruction, Curriculum and Assessment,

The answers from high schoolers at Piscataquis Community Secondary School came in fast and furious. From that, the school organized a series of programs they call “pirate specials”, named in honor of the mascot.

NAT SOUND- Here’s what I’m looking for

WABI was invited to help students interested in broadcasting. We didn’t waste any time putting them to work.

“What are you excited to learn?” asks Meghan Woodard, a sophomore at PCSS.

“I’m really excited to learn recipes,” answers Lucinda Wingert, “and I’m excited to taste a lot of new different things.”

Rather than a career day, PCSS offers a career course. Every school day for six weeks, high schoolers spend their lunch hour learning about life.

“What are you doing today?” asks PCSS Junior Jeff Hoak.
“Today, we’re making a plan for the next couple of weeks, what we’re going to be cooking,” answers Beth Leavitt, a French and Spanish teacher at the school that’s teaching a cooking course.

Cooking, in-line skating, fashion design and American Sign Language are just some of the “pirate specials” students can choose from this semester.

NAT SOUND- “OK ready? 1,2,3- Hi WABI” signs students in the ASL pirate special program.

So far, close to 40 guest speakers have come to the school this year.

“We’ve had some students that are extremely excited about the opportunities they’ve had,” says Bartley. “Comments like Pirate Specials made my day or I’ve never thought about this before and I really want to do this. So there are some really cool pieces that are happening.”
WABI would like to thank Jose Palma, Tyler Febus, Meghan Woodard and Jeff Hoak at PCSS for helping us put together this story. We will continue to guide them during their six-week pirate special on journalism.